Edit A Poem For National Poetry Month

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I am presently working on editing all my posts on postpoems. Whew! What a project. April is International Poetry Month. Find a favorite poem and re-write it, edit it for punctuation (if you have not used any) and add a 3-4 letter word if there are none of those in there either. You can change the title. I am changing lots of titles. Getting rid of the word "The" at the beginning of titles - shrinks it down really tight emotionally. Or, after reading a poem, I find the title lacking in summation value and change it totally. It's your poem. You can do anything to it you want. 


I am revising 0-5 poems a day and it is changing my aesthetic, my POV shifts to how I see the world now. Some poems I delete being unable to decipher them. It meant something at the time, but for the April 2019 me, it was garbled, illogical, or made no sense at all. The rule broken, every poem has value to someone, I just begin with the premise that it has to have value to me too. The editing continues and I stop, periodically, to read other poets and realize once more that if I leave a small comment, then historically, I know if I've read it before, what my first impression was, or what I said to the writer. It is good to read it, feel it, and say at least, "Good write" or some such. "Thank you for sharing this poem" works too. Additionally, it shows up in the comment section and other writers are alerted that a new poem has been posted or an older poem enjoyed. For the new writer, "Hey, I'm new. This poems was really good." or some such. 


Happy International Poetry Month. April rocks! Love and Prayers,