Happy Pre-Christmas 2017

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        • This is an invitation
        • to write a Christmas poem
        • and publish it on
        • December 24th, 2017.
        • Old work acceptable as a repost,
        • but something unique to 2017
        • would be nice.
        • The feelings at Christmas
        • are just special for Christians.
        • Non-Christians are welcome
        • to join us.
        • It's something to do together.
        • Why I hate Christmas poems
        • are also welcome, why I don't
        • believe Christmas should be a holiday (oh that's good!) or any creative approach to the holiday. St. Nick to St. Mary, mistle toe to sleigh bells - or just a poem of snow and dashing through it to get to work. I've got a lot of time so
        • expect a long read. Whatever floats
        • your imagination at Christmas. 
        • Would love
        • a few angels and a few
        • halo poems. Any theme will do.
        • Christmas trees are historical
        • and favorite toy when young, works.
        • Short - two word poem to a tome of 15 pages, or anywhere in between, 
        • your choice.
        • Let me know in a comment
        • to this invitation
        • if you wanna do a Christmas
        • poem for 2017.
        • It'll be fun.
        • Merry Pre-Christmas!!
        • REMEMBER
        • Do Not Publish Until 12-24-17
        • HO!   HO!   HO!
  • ~allets~






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Thanks to everyone who posted a Christmas poem

It is my favorite holiday. Thanks for taking the time. If you missed it, today is New Year's Eve. Hey. ;D



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New Christmas

Selfish skins on skittish needs,

Foolish minds do foolish deeds,

Another year sputtered through,

Another year suffered too,

Throw the cast of Christmas on,

Wear the smile,

Sing the song,

Tradition's boredom seals the womb,

Life and love sorely entombed,

Change the record,

Change the scene,

Feel the pangs the newbirth screams,

Times are torn into two,

Dying old 's replaced by new.

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Make Christmas



You make Christmas.


Even jobless and about


to be evicted, you can


still make Christmas


for your family.




Use your imagination


and your hands, keep


an eye out for the free


events and get the kids


there. The Thanksgiving


Parade, Call the Salvation


Armu. Find out who


is giving away coats


for kids. Walk the world


wallet lean with both


ears open. Make Christmas.




I am reminded of the man


bar-b-cueing on his front


porch Christmas Day. He


told my cousin, "We


may not have heat


but my family is going


to have a hot meal today!"


He made Christmas.




The Fire Department gives


gifts each year to kids


of little means. Find one,


and ask. Next year will be


better. Make paper snowflakes


and put all over the house.

Read a Christmas story

to the little ones.




This year, for their sakes,


swallow pride. Go


find the happy, Make






Stella L. Crews













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To H. Christmas


“No, Harold!”

Said the old Postie,

Setting down a sack,

So many cards,

They were breaking his back!

The stars in the bright sky,

Told of the cold,

Round his hot cup,

His fingers he mold,

Westward leading,

On a dusty road, straight ahead,

That’s where Christmas’s addresses all led.

Over moor and mountain,

Ending in merely a byre,

Where the cattle are lowing,

And there’s no word of a fire.

Glad tidings of great joy are abound,

Within those small cards, thankful blessings be found,

When with all the ever-circling years,

The King continues drying worldly tears,

…Darn, those jingle bells….

Tea break’s over, old Postie goes out,

To finally give H. Christmas a shout!

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Five Takers So Far

This is going to be fun. Thanks for responding, and yes, On or around the 20th of December - I'll send out a reminder to each responder. Thanks so much! - Stella



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Yeah I have two. Ones a

Yeah I have two. Ones a repost and one is a poem I had read out at a christmas concert a couple of winters ago. Hope others join in. xP