Some mumble rap shit i came up with in like 5 minutes

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Rollin through my house found the key say whats up then leave, Jump in the caddy then breathe, uh, scrollin past my feed ye, cant say nothin but yeet ay, rollin through the bronx with my yeezys ay, spendin more on my cheez its ay, got mr freeze gottem freezen yuh, somebody get mrs louis her inhaler she aint breathin uh, ye ye, this rari go so fast go so smooth comin on they ass like mr smoove with the groove ay ay ay, cant stop this heat comin off this beat, somebody throw away them feet and collide with some eskeetit bitch ye ye ye, you lolligagin out here jumping all inside up and all around, cant stop this moment from stoppin all day got snoop dogg hittien blunts and my cousin buyin jays, the beat is droppin great and the fritos getting gray got this beat jumping through the roof like its snoop and dr dre, followin up buttercup cant stop this stuff from blowing up, its all good cuz we know you suck, whats that all tucked up ye ye ye,

Beat is dropping hard got these bars cant stop me from going to mars with elon musk he got them nice ass mutha fuckin cars, think about mars, musk alright he just smokin and comin up with bars, nothin stoppin him he completin his dream now he making billions making dollas to spend at the club all day throwin them hundies up like hes billy gates no frowns from him in a day, only throwing them checks at his bank like he okay, followin up buttercup we gonna go and play, throw that ball to the roof and say what up lets fucking play ay ay ay.  

These frosted flakes are litty they always on my mind like cherios on crack with some solid 4k lines, Mr George think again i aint doing this shit again, another essay on the federal pen, uh uh we aint doing that again, you can take this printer and you can take these vibes imma go chill in my caddy and might go shoot my fowty five, aint stoppin nothing from ending my great times only rollin these checks and snortin these lines ay ay ay,

Pullin up buttercup hop in now we goin up cant stop this stuff from blowin up, cant stop this grind from showin down coming with my own thrones crown you cant stop  you cant block you cant tell me im off the stock, im making riches snaking these bitches gettin rid of these snitches cuz they all clownin around ay ay ay,


This illiterate time of over-rhyming make me sad has no story and makes me mad yuh, clearly in the dumps cant stop these slumps from thugging out only working like cardi b and her big ass mouth yu yu yu, ay ay ay, yu yu yu, ay ay ay,