I Don't Want To Be An Apothecary

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i don't want to be an apothecary
and carry palliatives and bromides,
or epsom salts and Depends, distillates,
rose water or pseudopanaceas.


I don't want to be almost a pharmacy.
next to almost a bank with frenetic hours
with lines around the block waiting
for covid booster shots.


Let me cater to the natural man,
not aspiring to be a creature of AI.
Let my opening and closing hours
coincide with circadian rhythms.


Let my employees be brined in radiance
from the glow of pharmaceutical nirvana
in homeopathicessences, succussed from
the soul of plants and the isness of all that is...

by KittyMonkey



Succuss is a term involving dilution of homeopathic