5 Categories Of Fines Of Tyson's, Huge Corporate Butcher Of Cows, Pigs, Chickens

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The information below is gathered from an Oxfam report.the link at the end of the article and the research of the poster.

Tyson fines have
been laughably paltry in relation to their countless billions of dollars in corporate profits.
1. Tyson workers are underpaid. The company was fined a paltry 3 million for the violation.
2. Tyson fined 4 millon for bribing meat inspectors in Mexico.
3. Tyson products were banned in Australia because
of carcinogenic female hormones injected or fed in food to animals.
4. Tyson has, says the Oxfam report, one of the largest underpaid work forces in the US.
5. A third fine, Tyson fined 4 million for gassing their workers with ammonia.
6.  A 4th set of fines were environmental,  'millions from the illegal dumping of wastewater
which includes chickens' blood.
7. Tyson involved in price racketeering
8. Many of the heinous conditions for chickens mentioned at kfccruelty.com apply to Tyson
as well. In addition are Tyson animal cruelties unique to the company.
9. A 5th set of USDA fines over Tyson's falsely claiming their products are free of antibiotics 10. Poultry workers suffer carpal tunnel syndrome at more than seven times the national average
11. There are many kinds of injuries from working in a slaughterhouse killing cows, pigs or
chickens. There are kicks from terrorized mammals, beaks and claws from frightened
12. Working in the cold necessitated by attempting to avoid the putrefaction of animals
corpses is very difficult.
13. Tyson works are employed on a casual basis. The company exploits the undocumented
status of many. They canbe terminated for no reason. Workers can be fired for being sick since they have no sick days.
14. Sick workers are an added health hazard for the meat with workers coughthing on the cadavers.
15, They are forced to do overtime but are not given overtime pay.
16. Huge slaughterhouse corporations in league with the Koch brother who have spent billions promoting Republican candidates (e.g. Joni Ernst in the nation's state most connected to pig murder) have been for many years involved in unionbusting, reducing the reach
of the Labor Department. Some Australian companies are giving workers one 10 minute
break during the entire shift.
17. Like Amazon warehouse employees, Tyson slaughterhouse workers frequently soil themselves because of few bathroom breaks.
18. Tyson has been involved in facilitating unlawful immigration because of the high
turnover of slaughterhouse jobs. Only trophy hunters enjoy the serial slaughter of
animals. Oxfam's report is full
of Tyson violations. 

As every slaughterhouse, factory farm, fishing trawler is a place of hideous suffering, the best way to change things, it seems to some, is to become vegan.