I stood waiting, on the roof of the nearest building
In the darkest hour, when the sky was a twinkling blanket
Of comfort and strange desire.
As soon as I saw you, my knees buckled weak
Like a glitch in the system, or so to speak

I can feel your energy, flowing through my veins
You're breathtaking
And don't you dare say a word
I can feel you loud and clear.

Do you know how it feels?
To have powerful Scorpion blood run through my melancholy Cancerian veins?
You're weightless


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Enough said

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Ode To The Stars

Upon black sequin and a pale moon

wind whipped leaves intevene



Inside dark rooms sky wide

the sun sighs having no place



Without rainbows, past meteors

color comes to the eyes

in spectrums of desire.