My Partner



He is my king

He loves with pride

My second wing

I dare not hide


We are not the same

We grew up far

Unwilling fate has came

And I found my star


Upon first glance

We were destined to be

We took our chance

In a path I couldn’t see


From city to city

They saw our love 

So bright and pretty

Like from up above


This man you know

He is my rock

I see him, I glow

Destined for wedlock 


Us against the world

We were once brave

Our struggles twirled 

One could not save


I try and try

To be a good friend 

We start over from hi

But our love couldn’t end


Ladrecus Shepard

The name engraved 

Our times unmeasured

Let us be saved


I ask you please let us be

Give our hearts a break

Why can’t we see 

We don’t need to ache


And if you wonder

He is my only friend

My true partner

Until the very end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written for my first and my last love. 

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