Sweetest taste of sin


At first you were just a nameless face in the crowd,
no real meaning, just another stranger.

Then you were the lost one,
huddled on the bathroom floor,
refusing to talk to anyone,
wanted it all to end.

I sat with you, blunt honesty,
didn’t care what was wrong,
just a reminder that there were people there for you.

It all changed so fast.

He chose you.

Years of friendship lost within minutes,
didn’t even know him anymore,
all because you’d gotten under his skin.

Tried to be the bigger person,
let him go just to see him happy,
lived with the reminder of my regret.

More changes, a new life growing,
again he had a crisis of conscience.

You almost walked away from him,
I could have let you.

I wish I would have hated you.

Instead gave my blessing,
saw that you gave him what I couldn’t.

Hellish nightmares, seeing the two of you everywhere I looked,
resentment and jealousy got old.

Again, another change, we became friends.

Never would’ve seen it coming,
would’ve laughed if someone had told me what was in store.

I saw what he did,
the broken person deep inside,
locked behind a vaulted door.

You’re many things to me,
words can’t really describe it,
they never mattered much anyway

Author's Notes/Comments: 
Haven't written anything in oh...forever? This sucks but oh well
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I don't think i ever had a

I don't think i ever had a chance to read this one...