Why am I still fading..?

The grass is still green..

The sky is melancholy blue..

You ask me why I had given up on waiting? 

Waiting for me to get fucked over by you?

So you could throw more then just your words at me daily..

Did I really deserve these open cuts?
Cuts that have finally been healed by an angels touch 
But if it weren't for all your shit..
I could have 5000 grand and be 10 times more rich
But that's not what really hurts 
What really hurts is that it still continues and only just gets worse..
My future lies within whatever my future's fate may hold
Please let this be okay or I don't think I'll be able to live on and age old
Suicide would be my deepest comfort 
And all because I made a life error
So please somebody save me from being set up in this mess
It is a life lesson learned but must come to an end..
Because even when I have tried to cut the ties 
You have managed to keep the lies locked up in my mind 
I no longer want a rough path 
You use to be what I consider my other half 
But now I know it was all PretEND..
And you best believe you can no longer beat me in more ways then one and in court I will have an attorney to defend.
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