The Moment

I wait the moment, when day whispers goodbye

in beauty, with palette’s smear of orange and gold

 before the moon announces her majesty, reminding shadows

they are born in her smile, and they fall at her mercy


the kiss of day to night, as eternal lovers meet once more

a never-ending romance balanced by time, and it’s passing

rapture of touch known only for these fleeting moments

both joy and sadness paint the sky in their brief embrace


I wait the moment when night whispers goodbye

in the new peek of tomorrow and a glorious awakening

when parting lovers steal the smile from the day

traveling in search of that moment divine


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Cascade's picture

I absolutely love that first

I absolutely love that first stanza, specially the "reminding of shadows born in her smile and fall at her mercy"  Wow!  That's a stunner, right there. Beautiful poetry, dear poet. 

Wordman's picture

Thank you Cascade, I

Thank you Cascade, I appreciate your kind words.