Over Hill

Over hill lies a forest I often visit

A place of imagination and solitude within

A lonely path leading deep into its heart

I pause and allow the magic to begin


The leaves whisper welcome as they gently sway

Prompting shadows to follow their stir

The tone of the wind scolding them both

Reminding I’m just a trespasser here


Sweet voices warble from tree to tree

As if to chastise the winds point of view

All are welcome who seek these woods

There’s peace to be found here for you


The day moves on and I tag along

The trail leading me away

I break from my stride for one last glance

Bidding farewell to my haven for the day.

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This is an enchanting piece

This is an enchanting piece full of life, magic, and wonder. An absolute delight, even therapeutic. I love it!

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This is one of my favorite

This is one of my favorite places to visit, it has a great trout stream too. Thank you for coming along.