I was never quite there where I clearly belonged

It's like injecting my veins with shards of glass

And my heart bleeds to death with these lonely songs

While these tears sting my cheeks of things in the past.

It will never be something I can walk away from

At least it hasn't felt that way in years

You looked at me like copper when clearly I was chrome

I could never quite read you, but you knew my fears.

It's like touching the sand without seeing the ocean

It's like reaching the sky but falling back down

And the poison that flows through me was supposed to be potion

And the smile I should have is turning to a frown.

You could never decide what you really wanted

Yet, I could see it in your eyes 'til this very day

So, now I'll live a life that will clearly be haunted

By all the things you were afraid to say.

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