The Moon

When I see the moon, I see you
I see our old conversations, our old jokes
I see the happy times and the sad ones too

I miss you
Not in a lust but in a friend
You were always there for me and you said you'd always would be
But then
Her. She came along.
I'm happy for you guys but
It doesn't seem right.
I know you're not the one for me but
We need each other
We help each other

I'm jealous
Not of her
Of you
You have someone to turn to
Someone to love you
Someone to hold you
But I don't
I have no one
My friends say I can count on them but
In all honestly
It's a lie
They never listen
They never even try
They never cared
So why do I?

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Sad But True Write

Always care. It's a rule for women. Always love even those who do not love you back - that's hard to do on any day. But the future is open, not set, not lonely, happy and full - it just hasn't happened yet. Welcome to PostPoems ~allets~