They create many mysteries 

Do they have any meaning?

Can they see the impossible?

Could they be true?


We are strangers

We've talked a few times 

Nothing significant

Nothing plot-twisting

In that dream we were lovers

It was a dream of a lifetime 


Being awaken in the night

A nightmare came

Of knowing none of this was true


It was a lie

A trick

I wanted it all to be true 

But I knew it never could be


Now the dream is fading

Knowing it could never be

But I will dream on 

Past the nightmares

Of my lost love


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Morningglory's picture

I love to dream and how are

I love to dream and how are we to know that dreams arent' the real reality and life is just a dream inside a dream? I don't know, I'm living a dream...

I relate to your poem and the story of dream lover. Those kinds of dreams can fuel a lot of poetry.


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I like the ones that feel so good you can't remember them, just that you hate to wake up from them. I have a recurring dream every 10 years or so. Or dreams are brain farts - spewing lies, burning off extra gas. Great second write. Stella