Wolf Moon


He wanders from place to place,

ever watchful and restless.

The protector, the friend,

always looking out for everyone else.

Alone as the night wanes,

he sings his mournful song.

He visits me, some nights,

coming to comfort and protect me,

always there when I close my eyes.

He looks out for me,

stays with me when I can't sleep.

I cry for him,

always alone, always wandering.

Will he ever find his mate,

someone to wander with?

I cherish my moments with him,

when he stays with me just awhile.

The moon wanes,

daybreak beckons.

He leaves again,

with a last sorrowful song.

My guardian,

my protector,

my friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The first poem I wrote to Ari

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