My husband

Wasted years biting back words,
only to realize it never mattered,
too late to turn back the clock.

Can't change what was,
can only look forward to tomorrow,
and maybe the promise of you?

Maybe I'm saying far too much,
letting down those walls too far,
but it's now or never,
screw toeing the line.

Maybe we won't be anything,
or maybe you're just a friend,
but I'd rather know where I stand.

Maybe what I want to share,
isn't what you can handle,
maybe you aren't the one I'm hoping for.

Something draws me to you,
maybe it's nothing,
maybe it's everything?

Maybe this won't go anywhere,
maybe the truth is too much to bear,
maybe it's better to be sorry than safe.

Maybe all we are is this,
just two people testing the waters,
maybe this won't even become real,
but I've already started playing this game.

Maybe I'll get burned,
maybe I'll go down in flames,
maybe all that stops us is time?

Maybe it's just anticipation,
emotions raging louder than words,
maybe there's no rhyme or reason.

Maybe you aren't my light,
the one who can show me how to breathe,
when love starts to suffocate me.

Maybe we are just testing the waters,
maybe we'll drown,
but I know how to swim.

Maybe I'll crash into you,
only to hit another wall,
maybe there's no future here.

But I'm drawn to you,
for better or worse, no matter the outcome,
maybe love will catch me this time?

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