If I said

Unrequited Love

If I said I miss you,
would you say you miss me too?

If I said I think of you,
would you say the same?

If I said I can't walk away,
would you let me stay?

If I said I couldn't reach you,
would you come closer?

If I said I'm lost without you,
would you find me?

If I said you don't have to wander alone,
would you let me come with you?

If I said I felt alone,
would you be beside me,
just like you promised?

If I said I wanted forever,
wanted you, would it make a difference,
would it matter?

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Don't ask

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candy_coated_cyanide's picture

wander with me when im lost.

wander with me when im lost. sit beside me when im alone. I wont walk away. as lone as you let me I will stay