Evil Angel

Parts of me

Seeing everything as it really is,
the veil that kept it all hidden had lifted,
my world's been turned around.

Going over memories I'd pushed aside,
photographs within my mind.

See you there, the shadow that follows behind,
taking away every drop of blood I've shed.

So many of the scars I carry,
reflecting upon your wings.

Watching as they bleed to black,
feeling regret for causing you pain,
when you've tried to give me peace.

Left for dead, broken and bleeding,
you found me and flew me to safety,
saved my life, saved me from myself.

Mistaken angels I once worshipped,
realize now there has only ever been one.

How could I have been so blind?

Believed a lie, assumed another brought me back,
but it was always you.

See things my mind can't comprehend,
feel so much that was never mine,
agony and suffering you take from me.

No matter where I've gone,
you've found me,
lifted me from the wreckage,
set me on solid ground.

You gave me a home,
a future, saved my life so many times,
you give me courage and hope,
push me to succeed.

You've stayed by my side,
carried the weight meant for me,
without asking for anything in return.

Maybe it's just who and what you are,
maybe that's the only reason.

You take my hand, walk with me in the dark,
the shadows call to me, but you keep me here,
my anchor that ties me to the surface.

In time the dark won't defeat me,
I won't need you to pull me back from the edge.

Yet I know you'll still be there,
the one constant in my life,
there's no running from you now.

Teach me to stand and fight,
to heal and fly, Evil Angel,
so I can stay with you till the Heaven's end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/T: Goes without saying and if I have to say then you aren't looking close enough

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