An angel's forgiveness


Alone in the rain,
I fight the tears,
they threaten to claim me.

Arms burn with cuts,
the result of my agony.

The pain has faded,
sadness sets in.

Wings lifeless at my sides,
the rain kisses the blood,
soothing and reassuring.

He appears without a sound,
watches me with sad eyes.

I look at him,
search his face and eyes with my own,
waiting for the accusation and anger.

He returns my gaze,
eyes full of undestanding and acceptance.

He steps toward me,
wrapping his wings around my broken form,
stops short of touching me.

I give way to my tears,
don't even notice as I fall to the ground.

Silently, he tells me it's okay,
crouches and lifts my chin,
gently wipes the tears away.

The blood stops flowing from my arms,
his wings darken as they absorb my pain,
I watch as he steals away all of my grief,
locking it inside, and I feel cold.

He lets me break down,
saying nothing,
his eyes still hold mine captive.

Finally the sobs stop,
yet still he stays close,
wings shield me from the rain as it falls.

Don't know how he finds me,
why it is he forgives me,
holds me together when I'm weak.

Why have you stayed with me, I ask softly,
when you were never mine to hold?

Broken and bleeding inside,
yet still he stays, without a word.

Can I ever be saved,
do I even deserve your forgiveness,
will I ever be whole?

I'll never be free of the dark,
when it's in every part of me.

But I know I'm not alone,
I know I have an angel's forgiveness,
when I can't stand on my own.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/T: Asheron Fireshadow

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