I watch you when you aren't aware,
wishing I knew how to say just how much I care.

You tell me I hide, that I push and pull,
but so do you, always at a standstill.

Brick walls built so high,
keep the world out,
lock yourself inside.

Don't want the key,
wait for you to see that they're ineffective,
nothing keeps you from me but you.

I see the secrets you swallow,
the pain you bear,
pretend not to notice when you stumble.

I can't stop myself from caring,
from worrying, from loving,
it's in my nature, written into each strand of DNA.

Labyrinths and mazes,
twists and turns, searching for signs,
only wanting something I can believe.

You're much too delicate to handle with clumsy care,
much too fragile, so easily shattered.

Glass ball I'm balancing,
afraid it'll slip and fall,
that I won't be able to catch you before you lose it all.

I feel your misery, the steady pulse,
screaming in agony,
still you lie, everything's not alright.

You say you love me,
say you trust me, yet you still hide,
when will you realize it's all in vain.

I've slayed the minotaur,
found a compass through the maze,
reach out a hand for you, follow me,
we can make it out alive.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/t: Ash, Ari, Calvin, Sin, Sally, Dan, Amber, Paige, Piper, Smile, Shadow, Dragonfly & Iz

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