When the sky threatens to open,

you give me shelter.

When I'm cold and shivering,

your warmth surrounds me.

When I'm lost in shadows,

giving in to the darkness inside of me,

you shine like a beacon,

cutting through the fog,

leading me home again.

You are the light in my soul,

my reason for being here.

When I gave up on forever,

on love and happiness,

you opened my eyes,

unchained my heart,

taught it to beat again.

When I shattered, you held me in your arms,

soothed and comforted me, didn't let go.

When those walls kept us apart,

we worked together to take them down,

watched them dissolve under our combined strength.

When I want to run, you keep me without words,

love me without restrictions, limitations.

You accept all of me, faults, weaknesses,

all of my deepest secrets and doubts,

they fade in your presence.

Never believed I'd find where I belong,

where or who I'm meant for,

but when I look in your eyes,

I know I've found what I've searched for.

Always said the words, automatic, "love you too",

didn't mean anything anymore,

just empty promises.

Always thought I'd end up alone,

that the love songs I so cherished,

they'd never be about me.

Always believed I was meant for the dark,

meant to wander, never settling in one place.

When I see you, my heart skips a beat,

the world stops, life ends as I know it,

can't breathe and I don't even mind.

Love the way you laugh,

the sweet sight of your smile,

the intoxicating feel of your touch,

I can't get enough of you.

Love the way you see me as I am,

the way you treat me so delicately,

encourage me to follow my dreams,

treat me the way I deserve.

Always blew off the sweet nothings I'd hear,

but I can't with you, believe every word you say,

even when you're completely silent.

Lost in the tender way you hold me,

just want to kiss you till the world ends,

forever doesn't seem long enough.

Wherever you go, no matter what happens,

I'm always there, always watching over you,

I've found my peace, my serenity at last.

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