Weight of the world

Wandering lost among gravestones,
yours is the light that shines upon the path.

Whenever I'm feeling alone,
all I have to do is turn around,
you're always there.

When I take a wrong turn in my giant labyrinth,
you always point me where I need to be.

When I can't see what lies ahead,
you help me look forward to the future.

When I can't find a reason to smile,
you always make me laugh.

When I was lost in the dark,
wings broken and bleeding,
you stayed with me,
helped me learn to fly.

When I tried to disappear into the shadows,
you waited patiently, you never lost hope.

When things were at their worst,
you were the beat in my heart,
the blood flowing through my veins.

When I lost it all,
you helped me believe I could get it all back.

Whenever I lose my grip,
struggle with the weight of the world,
you always help me carry it.

Whenever I need you,
you've always been there,
never fail to amaze me,
just how wonderful you really are.

I'd be lost without you,
and I just wanted you to know,
that I wouldn't be where I am if I never met you.

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