Smoke and mirrors


Gazing out the window,

your voice in my ears,

whispering sweet promises,

I know you won't keep.

Trying to understand where I'm headed,

still you're a step behind,

gently guiding.

Your arms embrace me,

fingers twined in mine,

can almost see forever in your eyes.

Gave you all of me,

more than I've ever offered before,

your touch healing, damning.

Never able to escape,

not quite strong enough to keep you,

always a breath away.

In another time, another place,

I'm still yours, you hold a piece of my heart.

Searching the shadows for a sign of you,

wolf eyes watching over me.

The smoke clears,

I'm still alone here.

Try to reach you, so far away,

yet, at the same time, within arm's reach.

Your breath on my skin,

a feather light touch,

every sense screaming to turn away,

I can't, I've lost this game.

Want to reach for you,

fold myself in your arms,

chase away the nightmares,

always haunting me.

Losing myself in an illusion,

smoke and mirrors, trick of the light,

you're nowhere to be found.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How can you be so far away yet be right next to me at the same time?

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