Didn't you?


When I held you, I held the world,
didn't you know?

Drunk on your kiss, flying from your smile;
so far gone, but you already knew, didn't you?

Your hand reached for mine,
light in the darkness, I had it all.

I thought I'd love you forever,
that you'd always be mine.

Never thought I'd be alone, but the truth is clear now,
you didn't love me like I loved you.

Someone to pass the time, afraid to be alone,
believed all the lies you told.

Thought we were forever, happy ever after.

Sober now, see you for the rogue you are.

Knew it'd end this way, didn't you?

Too late for promises, long lost memories,
disappeared on the breeze.

Never going there again,
no longer looking for the light,
content alone in the dark here at the end.

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Kiera Contreni's picture

Awwww... what a sad break up poem. Love hurts like hell, doesn't it?