Prove it


You come back in,
saying all these sweet words,
sugar- coated promises drip from your tongue.

Let you go, moved on,
you're still stuck in the past,
hanging onto a future that was never meant to last.

You say you still love me,
well baby, prove it to me.

Say you want me this time,
well I'm listening baby.

Well you say I was there for you,
but when I needed you, were you there too?

Love weakens, possesses, destroys,
finally free of it's cage,
won't be caught again.

Loving you took my breath away,
slowly suffocated,
captive to your poisonous lullaby.

Say I'm in your heart,
I can't see myself in your eyes,
so far away, prove it to me baby.

Saying we have true love,
forever in our grasp,
well baby my heart closed a long time ago,
frozen cold, locked in a glass box.

Key is lost, scattered among ruins,
you want to find it, be my guest.

You made me fall,
this time I'll catch myself,
won't lose it all.

You want to be my friend,
find your way to my heart again,
well baby just try.

I want to believe the words you say,
but don't believe in anyone anymore,
so you'll just have to prove it to me baby.

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