This is where

Unrequited Love

Standing in silence,
I watch you walk on by,
catch that smile,
that look in your eye.

I like to see you,
smiling and free,
but you don't really see me.

You don't see the letters I never send,
you don't know just what I'd say,
if I had the chance, I'd walk away.

This is where I say my lies again,
try to pretend everything's ok again.

This is where I hide my eyes,
in case you see the truth hidden inside.

This is where I try to live my life,
without you by my side.

This is where I struggle with my head,
try to keep you from knowing,
just how much I think of you.

This is where I try to forget,
all we were, or could've been.

This is where I lie to myself,
"he was never yours, do you see it now..."

This is where I watch you walk away,
wishing you'd ask me to stay.

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