As the world sleeps

Parts of me

She lies awake,
alone in her bed,
no longer lost, he's found her again.

Too many thoughts spill into her mind,
so much noise, the room is still and silent.

Where will her future lead,
what will she learn?

Will she find the angel,
meant just for her?

Someone somewhere's awake,
working, gurading or thinking,
as the rest of the world sleeps.

She listens to the night,
as her mind howls with deafening volume,
feeling the whisper of wind,
the trees rustle, cars pass on.

Where do they go,
when they all dream?

Waiting for tomorrow,
brilliant sunrise over the horizon.

Somewhere someone's awake too,
she wonders if he's missing her,
as he slips into sleep's embrace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another written last year and I realized hadn't been posted

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