Looking in the mirror,
seeing only a mask.

You don't know what it was like,
watching you with her.

You don't know how it feels,
to see you pull farther away,
can't even reach for you.

You don't know the effect you have,
when all you do is walk in the room.

A smile, my heart skips a beat,
but you'll never know.

Trying to be friends,
with someone who isn't there,
don't even think you care.

Wasting my time,
trying to be more than we are,
only killing myself from the inside.

Confused around you,
lost without a clue,
where do I go from here?

Trying to escape your maze,
tired of all the mind games.

How can I make you see me,
that I'm here, I've been around,
always hidden behind some other memory.

Always in someone else's shadow,
blocked by your walls,
you don't even know the real me anymore.

Trying to be there,
but I know it doesn't matter,
I'll always be invisible.

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