I'm not the one


Another night spent alone,
darkness becoming my home.

She says to let love in, see where it leads,
but I'm not the one who's chancing that pain.

I loved them once, or thought I did,
damn, I had it bad.

Loved one, but I let him free,
second chance, too late,
I'm not the one who played games.

Tried to love another, tried to be there,
why the hell did I even care?

Now we don't talk, slowly detoxing,
I'm not the one who walked away.

Would've given him anything, loved in vain,
more brutal mind games.

Tried to make me love him back,
get past the walls, doesn't work that way,
I'm not the one who got away.

Heart opened one last time,
grieved and loved.

Love has gone, only lust remains,
always playing these tedious games.

Sorry, my heart's closed,
no vacancies, no exceptions,
missed your chance, that ship has sailed,
I'm not the one who failed.

Keep it all inside,
go it alone, bide my time.

My heart's a broken treasure,
I won't be the one to throw it all away,
not if you won't stay.

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