You are


Try to make sense of it all,

my mind keeps racing.

You are who makes me strong,

who pushes me to succeed.

You are the presence I feel,

when I'm lost and alone.

You are the breath inside that saves me,

when I'm suffocating.

You are the warmth,

in the cold fabric of reality.

You are the light,

that guides me toward insanity.

You are the peace I've sought,

the truth that's eluded me.

You are the smile that haunts,

the sweet embrace I almost miss.

You are my fears,

come to life.

You are the keeper of the maze,

the labryinth that seduces me.

You are peace, sanity,

and shelter.

You are pain, pleasure,

and poison.

You are life and death,

controlling all darkness.

You are what I seek,

when I'm not looking.

You are the melody,

that my soul is singing,

unheard to human ears.

You are a cage,

castle and maze, confusion.

You are my past, present and future,

you are my mystery.

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