Illusions from a Past Life


When I think back,
I remember all the good times,
the times I was truly happy.

I remember falling asleep in your lap,
your fingers stroking my hair.

I remember the pride in your eyes
when you saw me sing.

I remember walking with you,
going everywhere, saying anything,
we had such a perfect relationship,
so much love and trust.

Never again will I find someone like you,
a love quite like ours.

I miss you more than I could say,
each day passes slowly by.

I wish so much that I could see your face,
I'm tired of looking at the same picture.

We never cared about anything,
nothing but us.

I still love you more than anything,
but you're happy without me.

As long as you're happy you see,
nothing else matters.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/T:my muse, written a long time ago

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