One step forward, two steps back,
always dancing this same tango with you.

Hide and seek,
run and catch,
tired of the games.

Learning the steps,
try not to trip,
stumble and fall,
why do I always hope you'll catch me?

Try to reach you,
you run far away,
burned again by the fire.

Always trying too hard,
or not trying at all,
why do I even try to get your attention?

You say you care about me,
but it's easier to believe you don't,
when you never seem to show it.

Always try to bring you from your shell,
can't reach far enough.

Will you ever call to me,
before I finally turn away.

Want to believe you care,
that you feel something at all,
but your masks keeps confusing me.

Scale's never even,
always one more,
can balance ever be found?

For once, don't stop me before I walk away,
just once, keep me from giving up,
all I ask is a chance to be your friend.

Meet me halfway,
at the doorway,
don't keep me locked outside forever.

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