My sweet shadow


Blocked you out,

won't let you in this time.

Barred the door,

access denied.

You're moving on,

I'm doing the same,

words still trapped in my mind,

always left unsaid.

Safe behind my wall of no emotion,

slowly fading away,

you don't even notice.

Never letting you close again,

you can't hurt me anymore.

Taking back my heart,

you never cared about it anyway.

Selling the spot you vacated,

cleaning out the cobwebs,

he loves me more than anyone before.

Don't ask me what's wrong,

you have no right anymore,

no longer weak at your touch.

You can't keep me here,

when I've found the light,

my morning star,

lead me only to darkness.

Finally found my angel,

who no one could ever be.

Your love stained my heart,

gravity holding me down.

Could never move on,

I am free now.

My sweet shadow,

I can follow you no more.

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