I could


I could picture my life without you,
but that's an empty page;
one I hope I never turn  to.

I could look into the mirror,
but I still won't see
all the things that you see.

I could say this is forever,
but the future's not guaranteed.

I could kiss you just like this,
hoping the rain won't fall,
the sky thunders a warning.

I could tell myself it's not real,
but I'd only be lying to us both.

I could tell you a million lies,
would you find the truth in them?

I could give up on love,
but I always succumb to it's grasp.

I could stay in the light,
though I belong in the dark.

I could be all you want and more,
but I'll never find the peace I've searched for.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/T: Earl

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