He said/she said


He said he cares,
but is it just another lie?

She said he's afraid,
how do I help him let go?

He said he thought I hated him,
but I never did.

She said it's her fault,
but it's not, not really.

He said he listens,
even when I don't talk.

She said he's comfortable with me,
but I can't figure out why.

He said he's there,
trying to take some of the pain.

She said he's in my head,
I can feel him, comfort.

He said he only wants to be friends,
so I try, still can't reach him.

She said he loved me once,
more than he loved her,
is it true?

He said he knows me,
but he doesn't want to.

She said he'll push me away,
it's who he is.

He said he wants me to stay,
then says he doesn't care,
all in the same breath.

Torn between two sides,
unsure of which to believe,
mind screaming with everything he said/she said.

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