Say anything


Say anything,
even when you're afraid of what you feel.

Say anything,
even if it comes out wrong.

Say anything,
I promise I'll listen.

Say anything,
I won't hurt you.

Say anything,
trust me at last,
I'll help you.

Say anything,
don't let me walk away.

Say anything,
even if it's all lies.

Say anything,
I just want to know you care.

Say anything,
when I'm alone,
are you there?

Say anything,
I don't care what about,
just want to talk to you,
but you shut me out.

Say anything,
even if it causes a fight,
we always do that,
just talk to me.

Say anything,
tell me what's on your mind.

Say anything,
I've never left you behind.

Say anything,
even when words aren't enough.

You say you listen,
you say we talk,
but you don't understand.

You won't let me close enough,
always pushing away.

I know you've been hurt,
had your heart thrown aside,
but that's not her fault,
not your's either,
when you know you both tried.

Sometimes love doesn't work out,
sometimes it fades,
but a friendship will always stay.

When I try to reach you,
don't let me walk away,
yell, scream or whisper,
say anything to make me stay.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes staying hurts, but giving up hurts more.

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