It's not real


Every time I hear your voice,
my world spins away again,
and I'm lost, always in you.

Memories of you,
smiles I fight to see,
trying not to let you get to me.

But you still belong to her,
I realize, you'll never be free.

The one I love,
who I gave my heart to,
is only in my mind,
he isn't real.

That guy loves me too,
chooses me over her,
I see his heart in his eyes,
but that'll never be you.

You'll never be here with me,
always miles away,
in her arms, never my own.

Wanting to feel nothing,
feel like such an idiot,
exposing foolish emotions,
never returned.

Every moment feels like heaven,
perfection, peace, comfort I find in you.

Avoiding your gaze,
trying not to let my heart show,
because I know the love I desire,
will never be real.

Close enough to touch,
but I don't dare,
still you never notice,
my heart on my sleeve,
you're miles away from me again.

Being with you was a taste,
of a delicacy so rare,
denied for far too long.

Haven't forgotten what I saw in your eyes,
or how you felt,
but the moment won't come again,
that dream of you will never be real.

One day with you,
feeling you truly there with me,
heart, mind, body, and soul,
was too good to be true,
I see that now.

A dream I thought had come true,
but I realized it's only a forgotten memory,
would never be real again.

So I fight these feelings,
once again push them aside,
if you're in my future,
I know I'll feel them again in time.

Why say what you already know,
empty words that never change anything,
emotions that don't seem to matter.

Maybe the love I feel will never be,
isn't supposed to be,
and any hope that you'll ever be mine,
will never be real.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

'Love can't always be deaf and blind'

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