Forbidden Fruit


The taste of you lingers,
sweet intoxication of the mind,
tormenting me into submission.

The memory of your smile,
the gentleness of your voice,
I can't get you out of my head.

Craving the feel of you,
needing, wanting,
overpowering my senses.

Words quivering on my tongue,
silently trembling from the onslaught of emotions,
memories I'd forced behind.

The taste I long for,
one I've missed over the years,
stains my heart, dances in my mouth.

Always trying to keep you at arm's length,
forever slipping on ice,
yet you always catch me without thought.

Fighting with myself,
trying to regain control,
but I falter with you near,
at the smallest sign of affection.

Why do you weaken me,
break through every shield,
so carefully built?

This magic spell you weave,
leaving me helpless, breathless,
once again I'm your prisoner.

Trying not to be affected,
when your touch makes me shiver,
your smile always catches my breath,
my heart in an iron fist.

My muse, I could never turn you away,
my poison, my fruit, always forbidden.

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