My dark angel

My husband

Broken heart beating,

hopeful new beginning,

futures of promises.

Soft touch, gasping,

wings gently shielding,

comfort and protection.

Away from the dark,

into the light,

the sweet kiss of forever.

Numb the pain,

find peace once again,

serenity at last discovered.

Taking each day,

struggling through the gray,

you, the one constant in my life,

by my side without a word.

An angel's kiss,

absinthe, poison so sweet,

claim me as your victim,

against this fight, I admit defeat.

Fallen angel,

wings broken and scarred,

singing it's mournful tune.

Dark angel,

trapped in shadows,

follow me to freedom.

Let me help you,

see through the mask,

kiss each tear that falls.

Don't deserve to cry,

tears of pearls from sapphire eyes,

so much love trapped there,

waiting to be set free.

Translucent wings,

waiting to fly,

lifted up by love,

graceful, beautiful.

My angel, fly with me,

leave your pain behind,

find peace and serenity.

On the skies, in the touch of flesh,

in the promise of love,

be mine forever,

stay in this nirvana with me,

the only home I've ever found.

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