Forever’s Tragedy


Burning another page in my memory,

destroying the future we created,

betraying the trust you faked.

Finally walking away,

you won’t stop me this time,

silently saying goodbye,

the wolf walks away in defeat.

No more tears will fall,

from life-worn eyes,

I’m free of that pain,

the tainted love I’ve always known.

Broken hearted surrender,

you looked in my eyes,

and all you saw was apathy.

Trying to feel nothing,

sweet novocaine,

taking over me.

Don’t reach for me,

as I disappear in shadows,

retreat to the shallow water,

at peace for once, without you here.

Don’t want to believe a word you say,

if all you feed me is lies.

Don’t want to turn around,

when I know you’re never there,

never be the same again.

Hesitant on my own,

setting a new pace,

new path for myself,

without your guidance.

No longer trying too hard,

just to hear your voice,

no longer crying alone,

falling from grace.

I thought we could’ve had it all,

but you made me bitter,

cold and dead inside,

I’m letting go of what we had.

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