To be alive


Drifting through each day,
listless and hollow,
I thought all feeling had left me.

Locked out in the rain,
cast into the cold,
wings too broken to shelter me.

Fading into the background,
my heart floats on the breeze.

Barely existing,
neither alive or dead,
just waiting for the endless days to pass.

I almost gave up on love,
he was supposed to be my last try,
tired of crying alone each night.

Your eyes meet mine,
and I can’t explain what I see.

Stopped caring about life,
didn’t want to feel anything anymore.

But then I see your face,
and I can’t stop the flow of emotions.

On my deathbed,
standing before my grave,
and nothing mattered anymore.

You don’t know it,
but somehow you saved me.

Endlessly falling,
not caring if I ever land,
now on solid ground,
surrendering to your embrace.

When I was barely existing,
breathing without a heartbeat,
you brought me back from the abyss of apathy.

Back to earth, back into your eyes again,
perfection I’d thought forever denied,
I’m finally glad to be alive.

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