Through the eyes of a fallen angel

Sitting at her side,

nothing more I can do,

as the tears slowly fall.

I know she trusts me,

knows I’m here for her,

and she lets her guard slip,

allows me to see her weaker side.

She says she won’t be there forever,

but I’m content with her here,

even just for a little while,

it’s more than enough.

She says he makes her happy,

no more tears will fall because of him,

and I want to trust it to be true.

She deserves happiness,

to feel and know true love.

Looking in her eyes,

I want to tell her I’m here,

as she sweetly smiles.

But he holds her heart,

repairs her wings,

dries her tears.

Feeling replaced,

my love wasn’t enough to keep her,

but I already knew that,

before I let her see the truth.

Wish I could take away her pain,

as she whispers her secrets,

the dark horrors in her mind,

the smiles she fakes when she tries to hide.

Looking through her eyes,

an angel fallen from grace,

I want to help her fly,

but all I can do is cry inside.

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