Gra anois agus go deo


Sometimes I can still hear you,

singing me to sleep,

and peace takes a hold of me.

Wishing I could be near you,

far away from where you are.

Life ended too soon,

you barely had a chance to shine.

Still lost without you,

has it been only a year?

I miss your guidance,

the sound of your laugh.

A part of me died with you,

there's an empty place in my heart,

coldness only you could warm.

Nothing's the same anymore,

no longer have the answers

to questions that I once knew.

Will I ever be ok,

can you see me,

watching silently.

I can feel you,

when I'm alone,

I know you're there.

Fell from heaven,

lost my grip on sanity,

found myself alone again.

I'll find peace,

open my heart like you taught me to,

let love in.

I'll see you again,

wherever you are,

I miss you my friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/T: Chris. Tu cumhra orm i do dhaidh agus ta gra andomhain agum duit go deo agus go brach

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