See the fire,

slowly dying,

choking on life.

The embers are barely glowing,

flames died down,

just smoking.

Toss some wood,

the remains of my dreams,

the fire of love that's disappeared.

Wanting to burn the memories,

emotions, once so true.

Veil's been lifted,

can see clearly,

see through you.

Tossing in pictures,

voices, smiles, burn them all,

forget what I once knew.

Tired of love's scalding touch,

let the flames consume the past,

feast on the love I thought was true.

Only the future to look for now,

the past has gone,

faded into the night.

They never loved me,

their love was false,

how could it not have been,

if they're no longer here?

Forgetting what they created,

incinerated, add more fuel.

Stripped bare,

start from the beginning.

Let it all burn,

no more tears, no more memories,

only gasoline and smoke,

I'm ready for tomorrow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"To look ahead, you must first stop looking back."

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Cassandra Rose's picture

I enjoyed this poem. It's grand that you agree on letting the past stay the past and look forward to the future. Let go your grudge... Grand write.
-Cassandra ♥