Take my hand

Crying and alone,

not sure what love is anymore.

Seen too much sadness,

your eyes are so empty sometimes.

Skipping around,

hiding behind a false smile.

Wings that are battered,

a face bruised by tears.

I wish I could help you,

try to bring happiness back into your life.

You cover your arms,

trying to hide the scars there,

but I see them anyway.

I hated you once,

for something that wasn't really your fault.

Still feel like I need forgiveness,

I make my amends in our friendship.

Take my hand, let me help you,

let me try and bring you back to life,

back to the world.

Let me dry your tears,

stop your wrists from bleeding.

If I could have one wish,

it would be that I was with you.

If only to make you laugh,

all I want to do is help you.

Take my hand, let me save you,

let me help you see.

We can walk in the darkness together,

just trust me.

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