A Juggalette's anthem

Parts of me

Shh, they'll hear you.

Look at them, over there,
they sit on their fancy cars.

Do they even know how much they have,
the things we loners wish we did?

They sit there and talk,
flirt with their pretty eyes.

They sit on their thrones,
all hail the high and mighty.

I watch them from the shadows,
they don't see me.

They laugh at me and my kind,
the ones who dress differently.

Don't laugh at me,
you don't know who I am.

My eyes search for their weaknesses,
laugh at their vanity.

We are the outsiders, the pariahs,
shunned from their acceptance.

I listen to their words,
their eyes hide what their mouths cannot.

Laugh at me all you wish,
for I have what you crave,
the darkness shields me from your poisoned tongues.

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Christy Woodcock's picture

words cannot describe how much I like this particular poem. also it reminds me of just how much I don't miss highschool