Cross to bear

Parts of me

I've made mistakes,
judged wrongly.

I loved in vain,
cried alone in my bed.

Drowned in my tears,
haunted by past happiness.

The bliss I long for is gone,
too perfect to grasp.

I made foolish decisions,
ones I'm now taking responsibility for.

But I do not regret all of them,
for one stands before me,
filling the void in my heart
that he's left.

All I've ever lived for is gone,
replaced by an innocent love.

I love someone,
yet he feels nothing.

I carry my scars with wisdom,
teeter on the edge of sanity,
with nothing holding me back.

I venture alone into the darkness before me,
I've lost the light guiding me forever.

I choose to continue alone,
this is my cross to bear.

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