Loss of innocence


Flesh on flesh,

skin burning like fire,

warmth in the cold raw air.

Fingers dancing over silk,

breath coming in sharp gasps,

giving in to animal instincts.

Innocence given,

sweetness, on the cusp of chaos,

emotions exploding in the mist.

Surrender, losing control,

can't go back now.

Smoky eyes,

soft smiles,

kisses lost in the moans.

Past the point of no return,

pain and pleasure,

as she becomes a woman in his arms.

Teenage lust,

passion freed from it's gates,

pushing them both into oblivion.

Falling back to earth,

flying with each sigh,

each small gasp.

Lost in eachother,

captured in the night's promise.

Floating on clouds,

waiting to come down,

ignorant to the rest of the world.

Moon casting a soft glow,

bathing them in gentle light,

stars freckling the sky,

no clouds in sight,

just the brilliant ghostly night.

Innocence so tender,

freely given,

changing their lives forever.

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