Feelings resurrected

Parts of me

I remember feeling hollow inside,
I feel it a lot.

The feeling is one I'm familiar with,
yet it always feels new.

I remember feeling innocent once,
when I thought the entire world was good and happy.

Seems like so long ago,
did I ever feel that way?
or am I dreaming I once did?

I remember trust,
when I thought the best of people.

But now when I see someone who could care,
I cringe reflexively, anticipating the pain.

How nice it must be trust in someone,
I can't remember how.

I remember feeling love,
when the world stops, and it's all content.

I miss that feeling,
how peaceful it must've been.

They say you have to be strong in life,
but don't they understand?

I'm tired of being strong,
tired of carrying that weight.

Just once I want to feel weak,
to let a feeling wash over me, complete me.

I'm tired of feeling pain and suffering,
weary from fighting so long.

Just once I want to feel something good,
just to feel alive,
to remind me that I'm not dead.

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