Singing myself gently to sleep,
caged by promises no one ever seems to keep.

Crying tears of pearls,
always find myself alone,
yet again betrayed by ones I thought were Angels.

Yearning to fly,
on bloody and broken wings,
yet I've found no place I can belong.

Feel like an outcast,
forever wandering the shadows,
a lost spirit, tormented by oaths,
promises forgotten.

Sweet kisses upon my memory,
faces I see when my eyes close,
haunting my dreams.

A beautiful voice floats across the breeze,
an angel's lament, mourning the loss of grace.

Wolf by my side, wanderer like me,
he's my guardian, my seraphim.

He makes me laugh, makes me cry,
I'll never be free of his love.

Packing up again,
moving one more time,
will I ever settle down?

At the doorway,
no idea where I'm going,
frozen tears from an icy heart,
can't feel much anymore.

Nothing to make me stay,
no where left to go,
I can't look back anymore.

Setting off again, always another empty road,
my seraphim at my side, forever we wander the world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Couple years old

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